Tips in Making Massage Customers More Comfortable

Massage therapists need to find a way to make their customer's experience of a quality that is exceptional. This means that extra steps have to be made in order to ensure that the client is comfortable as he/she receives treatments and thus makes your massage treatment truly one-of-a-kind.

Foot Palace is meant to relax a person, yet when a client is asked to lie face down, it is not really the most comfortable position one can be in. Below are some tips if making a massage customer more comfortable so that he/she can truly enjoy the massage experience.

Consider the face. When a customer lies face down, it is not very comfortable because you experience head pressure that can build with the duration you are in that specific position. You need to provide your customers with comfortable face rests like ones with padding, gel, or water spheres which can increase customer comfort. Always ask the client if he/she is comfortable with it.

Aromas can greatly enhance the massage experience at You can put some drops of essential oils under the sheets below the face rest. But be sure to consult your customer because they might not like the idea, and make sure you do not put too much of the oils as it can also become an overwhelming smell.

Putting hot stone, wrapped in cloth, underneath the shoulder or behind the knees increases the clients' relaxation. You can also use ice pack if there is swelling and discomfort. These will help the client to a deeper sense of relaxation.

The shoulders and the back have to be supported by placing a dry, hot towel under the shoulders while lying in a prone position. The warmth of the towel helps to relax the muscles. You can also put some pillow under the ankle so that the lower back is supported.

If the massage table is too narrow, make sure that there is a place where the client can rest his/her arms. Otherwise, it can produce stress in a client's shoulders. You may also get more facts from if you need more.

Make women especially comfortable. There is great pressure on the chest when lying face down. You can invest in ergonomic cushioning system so that there is comfort in the breast portion. You might also want to upgrade your table to something that has a special cutout for the breast area. This is especially comfortable for women who need additional breast cushioning.

If a customer is very comfortable in the massage session, it is very likely that he/she will come back for more. This feeling of comfort can help set you apart from the competition. Your clients will be happy about the services and will definitely recommend the place to others.